Grass-rooted, multi-faith action for climate justice


GreenFaith Africa brings together Christians, Muslims, those with traditional African beliefs,  Hindus and others for climate justice. We began work in 2018 and our team members are based in the DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.
We work with grassroots people of faith to stop new fossil fuel projects, and to call for universal access to clean energy and green jobs that can lift our communities to a better future.
In East Africa, we are campaigning to stop the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in Ghana, we are opposing new oil and gas expansion. In Nigeria and across the continent, we are building relationships with grassroots people of diverse faiths.


People of faith all over Africa are organizing ambitious and faith-rooted climate actions to create a liveable future for all people.
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People of Diverse Faiths Call for an End to EACOP

People of Diverse Faiths Call for an End to EACOP

“We Can’t Drink Oil” In the face of growing threats to the safety of peaceful protestors, this week grassroots people of diverse religious backgrounds marched to demand an end to the heated crude oil pipeline project that would stretch 1,443km from Uganda’s Tilenga to...

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We are African, spiritually grounded, grassroot climate activists, and we are taking action!
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We are people of faith taking a stand together around the world to avert the climate crisis, end the era of fossil fuels, support a just transition to a green economy, and restore harmony with the planet for a livable future.