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    COP-26 Multi-Faith Statement

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    People of faith and conscience have an irreplaceable role to play in working for climate and environmental justice. The GreenFaith community is building a movement that is diverse, strong, and loving enough to transform our world.


    Hening is a GreenFaith Fellow who is active in efforts to educate Muslims on climate and environmental concerns, including protecting Indonesia’s tropical forests through the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative, a global effort which GreenFaith helped found and co-leads. She is the Environmental Coordinator for ‘Aisyiyah, Indonesia’s largest Muslim Women’s organization. Hening has been involved in environmental, humanitarian, and diversity issues for many years as director of Humanitarian Forum Indonesia, a multi-faith humanitarian and development network.

    “Tosin” is an Evangelical Christian and a Nigerian environmental and climate activist now living in New Jersey, United States. His enthusiasm for environmental sustainability grows from his exposure as a youth to nature, when he spent significant time working on dumpsite clean ups in Lagos. He co-lead a campaign against a coal plant in Nigeria and convened the People’s Climate March, Nigeria. In his words “The Earth nurtured me from cradle and sustains me till this point. Now, the Earth needs my help.”

    Flavio is an anthropologist and scholar-activist, and is working with GreenFaith and the Institute for the Study of Religion, organizing Brazil’s diverse faith communities on climate change. He has been engaged on issues of peace, disarmament, human rights, child rights and interreligious dialogue in Brazil and Latin America and developed a first-ever multi-faith, multicultural festival where people of faith could have courageous conversations on justice, spirituality, and culture.

    Philippa is a Buddhist and a community Scientist living in South Australia and works with the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change. An agricultural scientist by training and a passionate environmentalist by nature, she aims to improve understanding of the benefits of working with, rather than against nature and to encourage individual, community and political action on climate change. She’s an expert in science-policy communication and organising community–led climate solutions. Philippa is President of the Multifaith Association of South Australia.