GreenFaith in the Media: USA Faith Organizer William Morris Discusses Interfaith Climate Action on Undaunted Podcast

Climate activist and GreenFaith organizer William Morris is featured on Choose Unity’s podcast, Undaunted, urging faith communities to step up in support of climate justice. He dives into what he believes to be the roots of climate change denial in the evangelical community, shares his journey as a Christian and climate activist and how he eventually came to find harmony between scripture and science. 

The episode kicks off by reimagining the traditional interpretation of creation from Genesis. Morris challenges the often-misinterpreted concept of having “dominion” over the Earth, asserting that this narrow understanding has contributed to a toxic environment, particularly in the Western world. Instead, he underscores the divine imperative for all creation to flourish, pushing back against the destructive path humanity has chosen that unfortunately hurts our planet. 

Drawing from his evangelical upbringing, Morris shares his personal journey and advocates for a more expansive vision of faith. He critiques restrictive ideologies that impede genuine spiritual exploration, emphasizing the need to pivot toward social good.

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About William Morris

William Morris is a dedicated environmental advocate holding a degree in environmental science with an emphasis on ecological restoration from Humboldt State University. As a Faith Organizer with GreenFaith and the Chair of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA), William channels his passion for environmental stewardship and faith into impactful initiatives.

His work has been featured in outlets such as Rolling Stone Magazine, BBC, and ABC News. Through his multifaceted efforts, William Morris continues to inspire positive change, encouraging individuals and communities to embrace sustainable practices and contribute to a more environmentally conscious world.

About Choose Unity 

Choose Unity is a cross-platform media initiative encouraging the  exploration of the oneness of humankind and the solutions to global challenges found within that worldview. Choose Unity’s core belief is that none of these challenges are insurmountable if only we were to confront them together. Choose Unity works with problem solvers, visionary creatives, and solution-oriented changemakers to bring this conversation into the mainstream.

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