Vanguard: Stop Using Our Money to Destroy Our Future

By Reverend Amy Brooks Paradise, GreenFaith Organizer

This morning, called by my faith and fierce love for our planet, I took a stand for climate justice. Myself and several other GreenFaith activists disrupted Vanguard at a fancy industry conference near San Diego. Video here:

Our message was simple: Stop Funding Fossil Fuels.

We’ve called, written letters, asked for meetings, but Vanguard still has $300 billion invested in fossil fuel companies.

80% of people want to invest responsibly. They don’t want their retirement funds being used to destroy their future, or their grandchildren’s future. But Vanguard has a miniscule amount of their trillions of investments in sustainable funds. They’re ranked worst among all major asset managers for climate commitments.

This is the hottest year in human history. Wildfires, hurricanes, and heat waves rage and asset managers like Vanguard are still gambling away our future by sinking money into the world’s worst climate offenders. It’s immoral, irresponsible, and unjust. And it’s time to stop.

Fax Vanguard. Tell them to get out of fossil fuels and prioritize a sustainable future.

The solutions are simple: Vanguard must decarbonize, massively scale up sustainable investments, adopt a human rights policy, and use their power to hold the worst climate actors accountable. Vanguard can use its power to gives us a chance at a liveable future AND investment returns. But they won’t do it unless they feel enough grassroots pressure. That’s where you come in.

Every single fax makes a difference, and our action together drives change. Thank you for doing your part!

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