sacred season for
climate justice

Holi. Vaisakhi. Ramadan. Passover. Holy Week and Easter. Vesak. Naw Ruz. Ridvan.

These religious holidays – which take place between 17 March and 6 May – attract billions of people.  The Equinox, Earth Day, and World Water Day, which also occur during this time, engage even more people.

The climate crisis means that diverse religious communities must share an urgent message during these sacred days: climate justice now!

What We’re Doing

During the Sacred Season, religious partners around the globe are offering powerful messages or sacred rituals for climate justice.

Drawing on our core values and in a spirit of compassion, love and justice, we are shifting the narrative by calling for an end to new fossil fuel projects and deforestation and a rapid, just transition to a sustainable future.

Together we’re showing up on our holiest days to connect climate justice with our religious values.

Watch the launch call recording here.

Spiritual Transformation

Our spiritual, moral teachings and our rituals matter. Our religious communities have a unique role to play in changing the hearts and minds of billions of people. With loving clarity and a commitment to justice, we must name the problem directly and call for action.

Fossil fuels and deforestation are driving the climate crisis. We need a rapid transition away from coal, oil, gas and deforestation, a commitment to green jobs and to rebuilding the economy sustainably.  

Submit to the Sacred Season Collection

With people around the world, we’re collectively curating spiritual resources, rituals, prayers, talking points, and other pieces for use and adaptation during this Sacred Season for Climate Justice.

Each submission should boldly call for the end of new fossil fuel extraction, the phase out of current fossil fuels, and/or support a just climate transition, rooted in clear faith language.

You may submit to the collection here.

Collaborate With Us

This movement will take all of us, faithfully and boldly connecting our beliefs to action.

Are you part of an institution or organization that would like to collaborate with and organize more people in this season?

Sign up here to collaborate with us!

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