We envision a world transformed, in which humanity in all its diversity has developed a shared reverence for life on Earth.

Religious and spiritual communities everywhere generate a moral awakening to the sacredness of Earth and the dignity of all people. Together, we are building resilient, caring communities and economies that meet everyone’s needs and protect the planet. The era of conquest, extraction, and exploitation has given way to cooperation and community.

The good life is one of connectedness—with each other and all of nature. It is a world of flourishing life that replaces despair with joy, scarcity with shared abundance, and privilege with justly distributed power.

GreenFaith Launches Africa Office

GreenFaith Launches Africa Office

Silence is violence: Faith communities urged to strongly condemn fossil fuel extraction as GreenFaith launches Africa office Africa has been called upon to speak in the strongest terms possible against fossil fuels and extractive industry because of the evident human...

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