PRESS RELEASE: Sacred People, Sacred Earth

FRENCH TRANSLATION       SPANISH TRANSLATION       GERMAN TRANSLATION With Pointed Urgency, Faiths Rise for Climate Justice UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 11 MARCH 00:01 CET ( PARIS, BRUSSELS, BERLIN) Grassroots Religious Activists, High-Level Faith Leaders Issue Ten Demands, Condemn Inadequate Progress by Governments and Financial Institutions  Today, at more than 400 grassroots religious actions in 43 countries, thousands of people of faith called on political and financial leaders to meet a series of ambitious climate demands at COP26, with support from over 200 high-level faith leaders. This largest-ever grassroots multi-faith climate day of action, co-sponsored by over 120 religious groups representing more than 100 million members, sent a clear message: world leaders are not doing nearly enough to address the climate crisis. Alarmed by the massive gap between what is required to limit global temperature rise and actual climate change commitments by governments and financial institutions, grassroots religious…


All You Need To Know about Sacred People Sacred Earth

Sacred People, Sacred Earth –  Global Day of Action – March 11, 2021 Pueblo Sagrado, Tierra Sagrada – Día de Acción Mundial – 11 de Marzo, 2021  Humanité sacrée, Terre sacrée – Journée mondiale d’action – 11 mars 2021 Hashtag: #Faiths4Climate and #SacredPeopleSacredEarth Resources /  Recursos / Resources English/Español: Official web page / Página oficial / :  Toolkit for the day of action (Also available in Spanish and French) Español: Herramientas Pueblo Sagrado, Tierra Sagrada World map with all the events / Mapa con todos los eventos Social media toolkit with sample tweets/posts/graphics from now through March 11.  How to work with media / Cómo trabajar con los medios Overview/slides for preparing your action / Diapositivas para preparar tu acción  Connect with each other by joining this Facebook group/ Conéctese uno a otro con unirse a este grupo de Facebook Banners and Signs Français : Toutes les ressources sont…


COVID Won’t Stop Us

Tips for Planning Your Action on the Sacred People, Sacred Earth  11 March Day of Climate Action Around the globe, people of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds are organizing public actions at 11am on 11 March – the 11th hour of the 11th day. We face a grave threat to our future, and diverse religious groups are leading by example in their call for leadership that addresses the climate emergency. Hundreds of actions are registered already, and the number is growing daily. The creativity and variety of actions being planned is inspiring. One thing is clear: COVID will not stop us from calling for climate justice.   Register your event here today! Wherever possible, we’re encouraging people to plan actions outdoors, in spaces that are meaningful and visible. Here are some resources that can help you plan your action. The Sacred People, Sacred Earth Day of Action Info Pack has lots…

Compassionate Voter Campaign Organizing Guide

This upcoming election may be one of the most important of our lifetimes. As communities of faith and spirit, we know the importance of being in right relationship with each other and the earth. All of our faith traditions and spiritualities have teachings about the need to care for our neighbors, and care for the sacred planet we share.

Earth Day Brought Us Together

Last week, in honor of Earth Day, thousands of us in the GreenFaith community came together. I hope you were able to feel the connection we have with each other, even as we can’t physically meet.