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We offer online trainings, the GreenFaith Fellowship Program, and a speakers bureau. We’d love to connect with you!


We offer a series of introductory calls to connect with you, share how we work, and to start building skills and knowledge together.


Join this introductory call and share why you care about climate change and the environment. You’ll learn about GreenFaith’s mission and vision and see for yourself how our religious, spiritual, and moral convictions can – and do – make an impact.


We are stronger together. It’s that simple. And when we’re organized together, we can accomplish far more than when we’re working alone. On this call, you’ll start learning to build local, faith-based communities of care and resilience – we call them GreenFaith Circles. GreenFaith Circles are where we come together with people from diverse faiths and goodwill to build moral power and win climate and environmental victories.


Spiritual practice, reflection, emotional openness and prayer are at the heart of who we are. Dial in to our next Community Call for Care and Resilience and you can experience the heart of GreenFaith for yourself. On these calls, we feature diverse spiritual leaders who create a safe, supportive space for participants to share their stories and connect with other people of faith who are responding to environmental and climate injustices.


The world’s religions offer a unique and vital collection of moral teachings and spiritual insights about the Earth, all people, and the sacred. They also inspire us to work with passion and reverence for environmental and climate justice. Join our next eco-theology call and discover the environmental resources within the world’s religious and spiritual traditions.


The GreenFaith Fellowship Program is designed to educate, train and spiritually form religious and spiritual leaders and people of diverse faiths to create local communities – which we call GreenFaith Circles – to transform themselves, their spiritual institutions, and society to protect the planet and create a compassionate, loving and just world.

Some Fellows will have already worked on climate and environmental issues from a religious perspective and are seeking to deepen their work and connect it with a larger community. Others will be at an early stage of their engagement and are prepared to make a substantial commitment to the field. For both, the Fellowship Program provides an intensive experience of spiritual practice, education and training, enabling Fellows to:

  • deepen their commitment
  • learn about the intersection between theology, climate change and race, gender, poverty and other social justice issues
  • develop relational organizing, campaigning and public leadership skills.

During their training, with affirmation and ongoing support from GreenFaith and their peers, Fellows will start or strengthen GreenFaith Circles and mentor others in their region to do the same, increasing the growth and influence of the religious-environmental movement.

To express interest in the next cohort of GreenFaith Fellows, fill out this form.

GreenFaith Fellowship Program Learning Goals

By the conclusion of the program, Fellows will be able to:

  • Articulate the primary threats to the world’s climate and environment: ineffective and increasingly authoritarian governments, extractive economic forces, and extremist cultural and religious influences.
  • Articulate and share their own eco-autobiography, grounding their leadership in their own experience and deep insights
  • Give voice to religious and moral teachings that inspire them to respond to climate change and environmental injustice and to create a compassionate, loving and just world
  • Create and thrive in an open, vulnerable and courageous online community and learning environment
  • Create and support GreenFaith Circles: Communities of Care and Resilience that embody and amplify GreenFaith’s culture, mission, and vision and will:
    • Develop rituals and spiritual practices for their Circles
    • Teach basic relational organizing skills (how to hold a 1:1 conversation, deep reflective listening, power mapping, effective meetings, campaign strategy and tactics)
    • Develop strategic plans for their Circles to identify and work on local issues of significance
    • Collaborate with Circles in other parts of the world, and with GreenFaith, to advance the global religious-environmental movement.
GreenFaith Fellowship Program Application Process
  • GreenFaith will publicize the Fellowship Program beginning August 1, accepting applications through October 31. Between November 1-30, GreenFaith staff and Fellows from previous classes will review applications and conduct interviews with candidates. GreenFaith will announce the new class of Fellows in early December.
  • Education and Training Sessions will take place monthly for 90 minutes between January-October. In November, Fellows experience an affirmation and advancement ceremony to celebrate their commitment to the field and their new public identity as GreenFaith Fellows.
  • Tuition for this 11-month program is $1500 US. Email Rev. abby mohaupt, GreenFaith’s Director of Education and Training at to request a scholarship.

greenfaith Speakers Bureau

Our GreenFaith community has leaders from diverse religions with extensive experience in the climate movement, with speakers fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Swahili, Bahasa, and Hindi. Our speakers include faith-based grassroots organizers, academics, and campaigners, and we’d love to speak to your group, network or class.

If you’d like to request a speaker or trainer for your community, you can do that by emailing Please indicate the name, location, size, age and religion of your group, and the topic you would like to discuss.