Take Action Together in 2022!

On our December 9, 2021 Welcome Call, we shared a variety of ways to take action together in 2022.

Learn more below and then sign up to join together as people of faith to create a more just, compassionate, and loving world. For all.


Forests are among nature’s best defenders against climate crisis – if we could just leave them alone long enough that they can fulfill their destiny as avid carbon absorbers.

Research and feedback from GreenFaith’s organized Sacred People Sacred Earth and Faith 4 Climate Justice days of action have shown that care of the Earth, care of People, and returning surplus to the ecosystem through afforestation is one of the actions that communities in the global south participated in.

GreenFaith has been working with partners like the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative and with grassroots leaders around the world around tree plantings and other actions that work against deforestation. But we still need to do more.

In March 2022, we’re going to host a global faith-in-action call to dig into the theological and spiritual resources that guide us in responding to deforestation, and introduce ways to get involved in this campaign in your local community or through your circle. Sign up here.

Climate Finance

Financial industries have authorized and supported the climate’s destructions by investing in the fossil fuel industry, and it’s time for people of faith to respond. On February 24, 2024 we’ll gather to get energized to organize as people of faith to hold asset managers and banks accountable, and commit to bold next steps in each of our regions.

The summit will amplify the voices of frontline and Global South faith communities and Indigenous communities, and align religious voices and power with the climate movement’s agenda.

The summit will showcase moral standards which will then become a public document calling on people of faith around the world to organize around climate finance. These standards will position these grassroots leaders to push their institution’s investors.

It will also be a gathering and training of grassroots leaders as they begin to organize in their communities. Part of the summit will be led by frontline community leaders and include training to bridge the gap between frontline leaders and investment leaders, particularly moving into action.

The summit will be grounded in high-quality theological and spiritual teachings and rituals.

Stay tuned for our official launch in January 2022, but sign up here to be one of the first people to register.

Time for Living the Change

The next option is Time for Living the Change. With this campaign, we choose climate-friendly living because we reject the desecration of people and planet and embrace joyful lives of simplicity and solidarity. Such choices send a clear message. Rooted in gratitude for life and for Earth itself, our spiritual paths guide us to care for creation or nature, live simply, avoid waste, and love our neighbours, especially the most vulnerable. Individual behavior change alone can’t save the Earth. Massive corporations, unwilling governments, and greedy financial institutions stand in the way of climate justice. But aligning our lives with what we believe is central to our faiths, and principled personal commitment is vital to every social movement. That’s why we invite you to start living the change. As 2022 approaches, let’s start the New Year by committing to climate justice! This January, we invite you to join in “Time for Living the Change”, a season to make your New Year’s low-carbon resolution and live it out for a month. Sign up for this challenge here.

Sacred Season for Climate Justice

Between March 19 and May 6, 2022, there are five major sacred days or seasons, an Equinox, and Earth Day.  Together, these days collectively attract billions of people of diverse faiths and none to worship, pray, listen to sermons, reflect, and commit to act on what matters most.  

If religious groups were to offer an impassioned call for an end to new fossil fuel projects and a just transition for all – across these major religious holidays, when they collectively attract massive numbers of worshippers, followers and adherents – it would attract media coverage, help shift cultural narratives on climate change, provide a boost to the climate justice movement, surface new allies from diverse faiths and geographies, and help take religious engagement on climate to a new level by grounding people of faith and spirit around the world in the theological and spiritual teachings that drive them.

So that’s what we’re going to do: People of faith wil devote a sermon/spoken teaching or a public ritual/service during their sacred season to call for climate justice– rooted in eco-theologies and eco-spiritualities and then tell the world about it. 

We’ll have a launch call at the end of January. Register here. 

Starting a Circle

All the above actions are more fun and impactful when we take them on as a group, especially in a GreenFaith circle. Hearing all this, are you excited about starting a GreenFaith circle in your congregation or your community? We want you to come to the circle training at the end of January.

But we encourage you to come alongside 1 or 2 other people in your community who you think may also be interested. If you don’t know yet who you’ll bring with you to the training, still sign up, and we’ll try and help you get started in recruiting others from your congregation or community who may be interested. You can sign up here.

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