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We’re building a worldwide, multi-faith climate and environmental movement with partners around the globe. Here’s how you can connect.


bring together passionate people of faith, conscience and goodwill in a congregation, local faith-based institutions, or a community – offline or online. They are connected to a global Circles network through regular calls, training and campaigns.


is accelerating the global growth of the religious-environmental movement. We focus on grassroots leadership development, building power, and campaigning for compassionate and just responses to the climate crisis. National Affiliates lead work in their home countries.


are regional, national or international groups committed to building a multi-faith climate justice movement and to going into action together at key moments. Join by affirming alignment with our Mission, Vision and Values; gather on quarterly calls.


What’s a GreenFaith Circle?

A Circle is a group of at least five people – local, web-connected or both – that’s

  • Passionate about faith-based action on climate change and the environment
  • Eager to be part of a global, multi-faith community of Circles
  • Hungry for spiritual reflection, education, training, campaigning and creative mobilizing

Circles can be a green team in a temple, mosque, church, synagogue or place of prayer and meditation.  They can include members of congregations within a town, city or neighborhood.  They can have affiliations with their congregation, denomination or lineage, and with other groups.  They can be single-faith, multi-faith, spiritual-but-not-religious, or a mix.

What matters is that they’re committed to building moral power and a multi-faith climate and environmental movement around the world.

What do Circles do?

In whatever ways are best for them, GreenFaith Circles work on our Three Pathways to Power – personal transformation, institutional leadership, and systemic change.

  • Personal Transformation – Circle members transform their spirituality and their consumption habits so that their own lives reflect the values we want to promote.
  • Institutional Leadership – Circles organize religious and spiritual institutions in their communities to green their rituals, education, operations and community engagement.
  • Systemic Change – Circles support values-based actions by governments and financial institutions to meet the climate crisis.

GreenFaith provides resources on each of the Pathways and connections with peers to help each Circle make an impact.

How do I start a Circle?

We recommend these 6 steps to creating a GreenFaith Circle.

  1. Get involved in our training to build a Circle in their community.
  2. Scan your landscape to identify the people, faith-based groups, and others you want to connect with.
  3. Have one-on-one conversations with at least five people, sharing why you care and asking others to share their motivation
  4. Reflect on GreenFaith’s mission, vision, values and theory of change.
  5. Organize a powerful kickoff meeting where you vote to form a Circle.
  6. File your Circle registration forms and get to work!
How does GreenFaith support Circles?

Our team supports Circles around the world with:

  • Education and training to empower you to be effective
  • Organizers to coach you
  • Regular calls and connections with Circles from different areas
  • Opportunities to connect with campaigns and mobilizations
  • A Circles Organizing Guide, sample meeting agendas and resources to make your meetings meaningful and high-impact
  • A web page template, branding materials, and a social media guide.
Ready to register your circle?

GreenFaith International Network

We are coming together with global partners for a multi-faith Day of Climate Action on 11 March 2021:
Sacred People, Sacred Earth 

Because the Earth and all people are sacred and at risk, Founding Partners from 14 countries have formed GreenFaith International, a multi-faith, global network.

The following are the 14 Founding Partners of the GreenFaith International Network, listed alphabetically by country.

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change
Instituto de Estudos da Religião (Brasil)
Faith & the Common Good (Canada)
Alianza Interreligiosa y Espiritual por el Clima (Chile)
GreenFaith India
Siaga Bumi (Indonesia)
GreenFaith Kenya
GreenFaith Nigeria, hosted at Nigerian Conservation Foundation
Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute
Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU)
Faith for the Climate Network (United Kingdom)
GreenFaith (USA and global)
GreenFaith Zambia
GreenFaith Zimbabwe

The Network’s purpose is to accelerate the growth and influence of the religious-environmental movement. We focus on grassroots leadership development, building power, and campaigning for compassionate and just responses to the climate crisis. Read our Purpose here and our values here.

GreenFaith International Network Purpose

In response to the urgency of the climate and environmental crises, we will launch GreenFaith International Network – a global, multi-faith community – will accelerate the growth and influence of the religious-environmental movement by:

  • Dramatically raising awareness about the climate and environmental emergencies
  • Investing in, building the capacity of, and amplifying the work of grassroots people of faith and faith-based organizations globally
  • Equipping faith-based groups globally to address climate and environmental issues at the systemic, institutional and individual levels
  • Building relationships among people of faith, faith leaders, and religious and spiritual groups to be a powerful network of moral partners in the global climate and environmental movements
  • Building relationships and collaboration with women of faith and youth of faith groups
  • Building relationships of mutual support and collaboration with Indigenous communities
  • Moving religious and spiritual groups into strategic, bold, creative action at scale to impact key leverage points identified locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.