Instructions for signing up your Sacred People Sacred Earth event

Add A Non-Action Network Event

Simply fill out this form with your event information and a GreenFaith organizer will add it to the map! If your organization has an Action Network group, please include the link to your group to be included as a co-host. 

Here’s the form again:

Adding An Event Through Action Network

If you already have an Action Network account, below are a few easy steps to getting your event listed on the day of action map! 

(You can always create an Action Network account for free when you begin to create your event.) 

Before you begin, make sure you have the following details ironed out: 

  • Event Title (E.g. Sacred People Sacred Earth- Oakland Zen Center)
  • Start Date & Time
  • Location (even if virtual, we still need a physical location to list on the map) 
    • City, State, and Zip are for US events. If not in the US click the “Not in the US?” link underneath State
  • Event Description (a paragraph about your event) 
    • Sample paragraph: On March 11, 2021, people of faith across the world will take action in support of bold demands on climate in a massive, grassroots, multi-faith global day of climate action- Sacred People, Sacred Earth. In ________, we will gather at our town hall to push our city council to pass a “100% renewable energy for all” bill. 
  • Attendee Instructions (Instructions for the event, where to show up, or  Zoom information and links) 
  • Facebook Share Language (what do you want people to see when they share your event on Facebook?) 

Step One

Step Two

    • This screen will appear where you can enter the information you collected before you started. 
    • Fill in all the required fields with your event information. 
  • NOTE: At any time you can click the View Guidelines green button to get information from GreenFaith on your event. 

Step Three

  • Further down the page you will have the option of including a banner image (which is an optional horizontal image to include at the very top of the page)
  • Under that you can enter a description of your event. Note that this text is editable just like a Word or Google document. 

Step Four

You can associate yourself with the event by selecting to Add Creator on the left or if your organization is on Action Network you can add your organization as a sponsor on the right through the drop down menu. 

Step Five (Optional) 

Underneath the form on the right (which is what the user will see), you can edit the form to ask whatever questions you might like, decide whether attendees can bring guests, and change the text on the RSVP button. 

Step Six (optional) 

If you don’t want your event open to the public, you can choose to make the event private (which means you would have to manually send the link to anyone you want to RSVP) by checking the box at the bottom of the page. 

Additionally, if you want to keep the event small you can enter a maximum number of guests of your choosing, which will automatically limit the number of attendees. 

Step 7

Once you have filled out the page, click Save & Next Step at the bottom which will bring you to this screen. You can enter your attendee instructions (Zoom information, for example) and then click Save & Publish at the bottom. 

Step 8

Once your event is published, you will then be able to click “Manage Event” where you can customize the RSVP email, the Facebook Share information, or change any of the event details. 

You’re All Set! If at any time you encounter difficulties, contact who can help you troubleshoot or refer to support documentation on Action Network.