Green Purchasing

One of the most frequent questions religious institutions ask when undertaking environmental work is "How much will it cost?" With GreenFaith's help, your answer will be 'nothing', and you may even save significant money.

GreenFaith understands that every religious institution has financial constraints of one sort or another, and we believe that fact should not hinder environmental stewardship activities. To that end, we have built partnerships with several organizations to enable religious institutions to purchase green products at a discount.

Whether you are from a school or house of worship, are located in NJ or out west, we provide green purchasing opportunities for every institution.

  • The US Communities Program is open to non-profit organizations throughout the United States, and offers an entire 'green' catalog of discounted products.

  • The Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, through their Shomrei Ha'aretz program, provides discounts on biocompostable dinnerware and other products.