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Multi-Faith Responses to the Prospect of Climate Engineering

As policymakers face the magnitude of the 1.5-degree challenge, new technologies and approaches for capping temperature increases - referred to as climate engineering or geoengineering - are under growing discussion.

These approaches and technologies are in the early stages of development, carry significant uncertainty in terms of their effectiveness, are unproven at scale, and hold the potential for large-scale unintended consequences. Each technology in the geoengineering toolbox raises weighty ethical questions.

To equip religious groups to understand and advocate on these issues consistent with our moral values, GreenFaith has released a new report, "Playing God? Multi-Faith Responses to the Prospect of Climate Change."

The report is designed to help readers to understand the basics of geoengineering, recommendations for governance of the field, and religious and spiritual perspectives on the ethics of climate intervention.

The report in its entirety can be accessed here.