Launched in 2007, GreenFaith’s Fellowship Program is the world’s longest-running religious-environmental leadership program. The program equips lay and ordained leaders from diverse faith traditions for religiously based environmental leadership, providing a unique opportunity for education, spiritual and vocational growth, and skill development.

More than 130 Fellows have completed the program and are now part of the Fellows Community of leadership, learning, and mutual support. Fellows have come from the Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical Christian; Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Orthodox Jewish; Muslim; Hindu; Buddhist; Baha’i; Unitarian Universalist; and spiritual but not formally religiously affiliated traditions. Fellows have ranged in age from mid-20's to late-70's, and have come from 35 US states, Canada, Europe, and Africa.

We’re looking forward to announcing the Class of 2019. Please stay tuned!


What does the Fellowship Involve?

The Fellowship consists of a ten-month series of interconnected activities (September-June), with the following key components: an eco-theology writing project, two retreats, monthly webinars, and a leadership project.

Eco-Theology Writing Project

Each Fellow writes a brief but powerful eco-theology statement, including an eco-autobiography, a collection of sacred texts, teachings, and prayers from their own religious or spiritual tradition in relation to the environment, and some form of public expression. Small group discussions throughout this process provide an opportunity for peer learning and support.


The two in-person retreats represent the relational heart of the program. One retreat focuses on environmental justice and equity, and includes an environmental justice tour; the second retreat focuses on relational organizing.

Monthly Webinars

Fellows take part in webinars where they learn from leaders in the fields of environmental sciences, theology, and activism. Fellows from prior classes often serve as presenters, describing their work. The webinars help Fellows stay connected and broaden their knowledge base.

Leadership Projects

Each Fellow carries out a Leadership Project, a religious-environmental initiative in their own community. Most Fellows organize a GreenFaith Circle, a religious-environmental action hub in their area, while some Fellows develop an individualized project of their own.